Education Consultancy


As soon as I got connected to the internet in the good old days of LineOne and 28kbps if we were lucky, I realised that there was another way to provide students with materials, notes, tasks and feedback. In particular, putting things on to The Studyzone meant I could wander around College without needing huge piles of paper for every lesson.

Since then I have been at the heart of developments as ILT Co-ordinator at Dunstable College, LSDA Regional E-learning Co-ordinator and chaired the JISC RSC-supported Eastern Region E-learning Forum.

As an Associate Lecturer and Student Advisor at Middlesex University I have tutored students through professional qualifications, including Masters Degrees in their Work Based Learning Department. I also sat on their Assessment Board and contributed to Assessment panel deliberations. As these students were all studying off campus it was necessary to utilise a range of technology to facilitate communication and sharing progress. Even some Vivas were successfully and efficiently conducted on-line with colleagues.

I love this work and through my Webtools site, and virtually any other on-line media I could find I seldom stopped coming up with ideas, getting inspired and hopefully inspiring others.

Having completed my MA Professional Practice in E–learning Management I am naturally keen to put this to good use if any institution is interested. I also need the income!

Education Consultancy

I can teach teachers learning technology

At the Studyzone I publish a huge pile of materials and resources for programmes, courses, modules and units I am personally involved with. These range from casual study to university level. They're available free - just credit the source please.

If you would like any other material then I may be able to create an on-line area for you, or provide web pages at reasonable fees.

Currently being trialled is an assessment tool for Staff ICT Skills. This can be adapted to meet an institution's specific requirements.

I am also available as a guest speaker on education matters within my area of understanding and expertise or for staff development workshops.

I advise institutions and management on E-learning Strategy and can also provide individual or group ICT and ILT training and Workshops with the popular Webtools materials.