The American Broker is a novel based on real events that happened to me in the 1980s. It starts shortly after the events have subsided as my character seeks to discover who and what was  behind it all.

Somewhere In Switzerland is the true story - up to a point in time. The rest is yet to come.

The American Broker is available from Lulu and Amazon

A Poster For Her Wall is a short story and idea for a screenplay. It features some of the characters in The American Broker in their very early days and much later too.

A lady in an office in Berlin shortly after the war helps a soldier escape to a different world. In exchange for a new identity as an American citizen he has a mission to complete. Meeting his target, however, everything changes. In this short story the author attempts to construct a background to Bob Lindon, the complex main character in his full-length novel, The American Broker. Across the years, who is the target? Readers will have to draw their own conclusions.

This short story both precedes and succeeds The American Broker as I tried to make sense of the real story.

Available to buy or download from Lulu.

As well as novels and short stories, I also publish poems and there are two collections you can read. One is published on Lulu Footsteps In The Sand with a Kindle version now available at Amazon too.

You can also find these on my dedicated Footsteps In The Sand web site and those from my teenage years and early twenties on my blog called I Was So Much Younger Then .

There are more to come too.

The Little Chick stories are for children and maybe adults still young at heart, based on those that I used to tell my children, once upon a time . . .

Available at the links from the images.

The latest series of Little Chick stories began as a present for my granddaughter, Allannah. She's my son Russell's daughter (and Russell is the one called Brunx by his sister Katie). Each year I make a new one and do some illustrations for them too. The next one is due in May 2024 so I'd better start writing before too much longer! If you click on any of the covers the book should be available to read online or download.

Little Chick and the Hamster Jam A5
Little Chick and the Super Sound System
Little Chick and the Enormous Eggs A5
Little Chick and The Skiing Trip