The most frequent job I get is to re-draft an article, probably a page or two in length. Clients will have typed out what they want to say with some ideas for a title and some headings where appropriate. Because they know I’ll take care of any errors they can concentrate on the message they wish to get across and ensuring their facts are right.

I will usually return text ready for publication the next day. Booklets and posters are also popular requests. Although a poster may only have a few words, it is just as important to get them right and finding an image that won’t go fuzzy when covering a page is often something I can do much more quickly, and legally, than a client. If you’ve ever tried getting the page numbers right in a booklet you’ll know why I can be useful there too!

One typo or silly phrase can get your CV binned!

Spelling and grammar

This is the basic level of service. You send me some text and I’ll correct it. Unless essential, I leave your original phrasing and I don’t try to change any emphasis or structure.


At this level I will suggest revisions to how you have set out sections of text, perhaps showing the effect of re-ordering elements and replacing words or phrases. I have to think a bit more for this so it does cost a bit more


On a screen your typos and bloomers will be huge. All the more reason for getting them checked! More to the point, though, will be whether your audience will stay awake long enough. I will make your slide show smart, consistent and manageable


I also love working with images and can either add supplied artwork or photographs or locate suitable illustrations for you, incorporating them effectively in your material. No copyright problems either!