I design text

At the heart of everything you publish that your customers, colleagues, students or the world at large see has to be good design.

The most carefully argued recommendation or brilliant idea for a logo needs more than just its text or graphic. Whether you want a whole new corporate image or just a report presented in the most attractive way for your intended market, readers or audience, I can provide a range of solutions at very competitive rates.

I seem to have a flair for making text and images look good on paper or screen and also enjoy this type of work. So the job gets done quickly without big agency fees.

I specialise in web design and can either look after everything for you or create the initial site and train staff to keep it up to date.


The representation of your business or interests on a computer screen is too important to leave to the expert programmer with no sense of design. Nor is the artist with no knowledge of how it all hangs together going to be much help.

You need the right combination of both - and to have some plan for keeping it all up-to-date, something most people only consider when it's too late.

I try to practice what I teach! I now have a nice range of happy clients who can provide good references if I have time to warn them first!

Complete new site costs start at just £695. Read more here