Corgi Toys

A Corgi Toy Collection Catalogue

And I still have the James Bond cars!

As a child in the Sixties, Corgi Toys were my favourites and every year there would be one or more on my Christmas list until I was old enough to have a real car.

Now the ones I have kept are worth more than a real car! I am sure there are many people out there who would like to track down a certain model or build a new collection, just for interest or as an investment.

The purpose of this site is to illustrate all the models available from 1956 until the end of 1:43 scale which was around 1974 with one or two later items that I felt I should include like the James Bond 30th and 35th Anniversary versions of the Aston Martin and Toyota.

I have a huge collection now and the photographs in the Stock section are of those I have acquired or had since new. This section changes every week as I also buy and sell them, the idea being that I will slowly get really good examples of everything! (Some hope!)

The Catalogue should now list every model and will link to a stock picture if it is one of the few I haven’t yet found. The Majors and Gift Sets are now listed separately and many images link to a Google Photos album which should display on all devices now.

There are Corgi Catalogues from 1958 to 1974. You can see these on-line and also purchase copies.

The Black List comprises models that were in very poor condition that I have rescued and repainted, usually in black, silver or white.

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